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Astrologer Vera Mirth

"People think they are unique and believe in collective horoscopes."

- Czesław Banach

I know that absolutely every person in our world is unique. I believe that you can find a way out of any difficult situation and turn the problem into energy for development.

I do not like to philosophize about karma. Astrology is not fortune-telling, but a tool that will bring results. I am a supporter of scientific approach in astrology. In my consultations only recommendations that are easily applicable in life.

I conduct consultations, as well as share useful information on the site.


At this consultation you will be able to get answers to such questions:

- What is your "type" of man/woman, what qualities you are attracted to, who is the ideal partner for you.
- How to find the right partner and where to look for him/her?
- What to do to meet the right person who will make you happy/happy
- Possible problems in a relationship, how to prevent these problems from developing and overcome them.

- How to establish a relationship?
- Is it worth having a relationship with a particular person?
- What don't I know about my soul mate?
- Why does the partner behave this way?

If you have such questions, the compatibility horoscope will answer them.

Career counseling can help you find out:
- The most suitable professions for you,
- Your strengths and weaknesses,
- Motivations in your work,
- Whether organizing your own business is suitable for you,
- How to behave with your superiors and colleagues,
- How to behave at a job interview or how to ask for a promotion.

During the child's horoscope consultation you will learn:

- His psychological portrait and key character traits;
- Basic needs, what your child needs for comfort;
- Talents, strengths and weaknesses;
- Which sports are more suitable;.
- Your child's thinking type and learning characteristics, how he or she learns information better.
- Relationship with parents, how the child perceives mom and dad, how you can find common language and reach mutual understanding.

From the financial horoscope you can find out:
- What is your relationship to money?
- How to expand your financial capacity
- How to avoid unexpected expenses
- How to manage your money correctly (spend or save)
- Where to invest money?
- What suits you better: private business, freelancing or hired labor.
- How to correct negative aspects through symbolism

From the business horoscope you can find out:
- What suits you better: private business, freelancing or salaried labor?
- What spheres are the most successful?
- How to attract clients? How to advertise?
- How and where is better to hire employees?
- What price to set for goods or services?
- What name to give to the project? Selecting name options through symbolism

From this counseling session, you will learn about:
- Your key character traits;
- Your basic needs, what you need for emotional comfort;
- What motivates and pleases you
- Features of your thinking
- What your talents are, how to develop and apply them;
- What are your weaknesses and strengths;
- What profession will be the most successful for you
- What image will be the most suitable for you
- How to increase your income and how to treat your finances
- What is the ideal partner for you
- Possible problems in a relationship, how to prevent the development of these problems and overcome them.


If you want to contact me, text me any way you can!

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